Important Update Regarding Accommodation


Please see press release from the DDLETB (17 January 2020)

Press Statement regarding Griffeen Community College


The various options to accommodate Griffeen Community College have been evaluated and the Department of Education has decided that the school will remain at its current location in Kishoge Community College which will be further enhanced with additional temporary accommodation for the school, to be delivered in late 2020. DDLETB believes that this solution will meet the needs of the school, the students and their parents/ guardians in the coming year and will support the Principal and teachers in continuing to provide an excellent education to the students of the school.

DDLETB have been actively engaging with the Department of Education in relation to accommodation requirements for Griffeen Community College. The original plan was to provide temporary accommodation at the Carline site in Lucan for delivery which the school would occupy until the permanent building is completed.

During recent discussions with the Department of Education, the costs for temporary accommodation were deemed by the Department of Education to be prohibitive in light of the of the decision to begin a Design & Build Project for the permanent Building for Griffeen Community College. The permanent building for Griffeen Community College will now be delivered by the Department of Education via the Design & Build method and will be delivered on a phased basis. This is a positive development as this will ensure that the building is delivered in a shorter timeframe than originally envisaged. DDLETB await a programme from the Department of Education for proposed delivery of this project.

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