Agreed Reports & Accommodation Update

BOM Agreed Report 24/11/21

BOM Agreed Report 24th November 2021

BOM Agreed Report 23/09/21

BOM Agreed Report 23 September 2021

Child Protection

Child Protection note for parents.pdf

Plans for New School Building

Permanent Build Plans

BOM Agreed Report 22/6/21

BOM Agreed Report 22nd June 2021.pdf

BOM Agreed Report 13/5/21

BOM Agreed Report 13th May 2021

Accommodation Update 12/03/21


BOM Agreed Report 11/03/21


Accommodation Update 14/01/21

New building interior.





BOM Agreed Report 14/01/21


BOM Agreed Report 18/11/20

BOM Agreed_Report_2020-2021_18_Nov 2020.pdf

BOM Agreed Report 21/10/20

BOM_Agreed Report 2020-2021_21st Oct 2020.pdf

BOM Agreed Report 24/09/20

BOM_Agreed Report_24_September_2020.pdf

Accommodation Update 14/09/20

Griffeen - Newsletter Sept2020_v1 (2).pdf

BOM Agreed Report 20/08/20

BOM Agreed report 20th August 2020.pdf

Floor Plans for Temporary Accommodation


Ground Floor Plan.pdf

First Floor Plan.pdf

Message sent to Families 18/8/20


  • It has come to our attention that several articles were printed over the weekend in online media forums. The headlines were very misleading and may have caused unnecessary anxiety for families with students attending GCC. As per previous emails and correspondence, we have secured classrooms in Kishoge CC for this academic year in the absence of our prefabs. The rooms assigned ensure that each base class in GCC has a designated classroom where social distancing of 1 m can be ensured. Therefore, reports of overcrowding or no access to accommodation for GCC are both misleading and untrue. GCC is working in line with the Department of Education roadmap, in the same manner as all schools throughout the country, to ensure the safe re opening of our school.
  • Contractors will be onsite to commence work by the end of August 2020 on our temporary accommodation.

BOM Agreed Report 18/06/20

BOM Agreed Report 18_June 2020.pdf

BOM Agreed Report 14/05/20

BOM Agreed Report May 14 2020.pdf

Temporary Accommodation Update 14/5/20

Picture 1.png

Agreed Report 14th May 2020

• Welcome extended to Andy Pierce – new Parent Nominee for BOM
• Review of Teaching & Learning since lockdown presented with thanks to all staff for commitment and hard work.
• Junior Cycle Assessment- Guidelines re proposed weighting advised by the DES shared with BOM
• Accommodation Update - 12th May
Planning permission X 3 notices on the Kishoge CC school site for GCC works. It has been logged and received one week now with SDCC. Works outlined and timeline for occupation of temp accommodation is working towards the 20th Sept 2020.
• New SNA Circular shared – freeze on posts per school for next academic year- so SNA posts allocated to schools will be left in place.
• Code of Behaviour 2020-2021/ Uniform Policy 2020-2021/ AUP & Distance Learning Policy Ratified
• Incoming 1st Yr and TY plans outlined

Next Meeting :
18th June 2020
All meetings will commence at 5.30 pm.

Planning permission for the temporary build for GCC was lodged on Thur 30th April with the planning dept of SDCC. This is great news for us as we plan for the next academic year. Any further updates will be shared with you as they occur.

Accommodation Update given to BOM 12th March 2020.

Information shared by K.Fitzmaurice – Buildings Unit DDLETB

The following temporary accommodation has been confirmed by the DES

Prefabs to include

  • 5 classrooms – 49m2
  • Toilets
  • Reception area
  • Office space – Principal/ Deputy Principal
  • Lift
  • 2 stairways’
  • 3 small storage areas – comms rooms/ boiler house/ misc
  • First floor – same size footprint as ground floor but will not be fit out. This will be one large open space- could be used for assembly/ GPA
  • Will be kitted out for 2021 as required.

Alterations to Kishoge CC confirmed

  • Side doorway of Kishoge CC to be widened and a corridor joining it to link prefabs with main Kishoge CC building
  • KCC Demo room to be turned into small science lab- overflow space
  • GPA in GCC into art room/ staff working space – TBC and windows widened
  • Toilets to be added at GPA in KCC for GCC students
  • Additional technology room developed in KCC for shared use
  • Small room on floor 3 – acoustics to be fixed and this can be used as a small group working area.

Accommodation Update 7th Feb 2020

The project for the provision of the temporary accommodation for Griffeen Community College has been devolved to DDLETB and therefore it will be project managed by DDLETB. An Architect led design team has beenprocured and is ready to commence work.

Griffeen CC has a projected enrolment for September 2020 of 250 pupils. The additional temporary accommodation will comprise of 5 general classrooms with a standard size of 49sqM. These classrooms are in addition to the accommodation currently being made available to the school in Kishoge CC i.e. 8 Rooms (currently being used as 6 general classrooms and 2 resource rooms), student & staff toilets, 3 offices and the continued shared use of practical rooms. Therefore from September 2020, Griffeen CC will have 11 general classrooms, student and staff toilets, 3 offices and the continued use of practical rooms. Based on an average class size of 24, this accommodation will be more than adequate for the needs of the school for the coming year.

The additional accommodation is expected to be in place by September 2020. The site notice will be posted by the architect in March 2020. The contractor who will be managing the site works will be procured by DDLETB via public tender and the works, due to commence in June 2020, will be overseen by the Architect. The units being procured by DDLETB will be new and will be in full compliance with the building regulations.

The CEO and the DDLETB management team is grateful for the ongoing support of the school principals, staff, parents and students.

Updates on this project will be issued by DDLETB to the school principal for circulation to staff, parents and guardians. Parents and guardians are requested to channel all queries and concerns in relation to this project to the school principal who will be updated as the project progress.

DDLETB has no further information at this time.

3rd February 2020

Accommodation Update Summary of Information 7th Feb 2020



Who is responsible for planning this project ?

The project is the responsibility of the DDLETB. An Architect led Design Team have been procured and are ready to commence work.

How was the decision reached to use only 5 prefabs?

The projected enrolment for 2020 is 250 pupils. Additional temporary accommodation comprises of 5 pre-fab classrooms with a standard size of 49sqm. The prefabs are in addition to 6 general classrooms and 2 Resource rooms available to Griffeen CC in the Kishoge CC main building, together with 3 offices and continued shared use of practical rooms, staff and student toilets. Based on an average class size of 24, the total accommodation will be more than adequate for the needs of the school.

Standard classroom size ?

The 5 general classrooms will have a standard size of 49sqm.

Five classrooms for 9 classes ?

There are 5 pre-fab classrooms planned in addition to the existing 6 classrooms available in Kishoge CC. There will be a total of 11 classrooms.

Who is responsible for posting this bill?

The site notice will be posted by the Architect in March 2020.

Who is responsible for organising ground works ?

The contractor who will be managing the site works will be procured by the DDLETB via public tender.

When are the works planned to start and finish?

Work is due to commence in June 2020, this will be overseen by the Architect. The additional accommodation is expected to be in place by September 2020.

Who is responsible for allocating the equipment for transporting and lifting the units into place ?

Further updates on this project will be issued by the DDLETB to the School Principal for circulation to staff, parents and guardians.

Have the units been procured and are they second hand or new ?

The units being procured by the DDLETB will be new and in full compliance with the building regulations.

When are they scheduled to be ready for transport ?

Further updates on this project will be issued by the DDLETB to the School Principal for circulation to staff, parents and guardians.

Accommodation Update 31 January 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I just wanted to share some updates regarding arrangements for the next school year in terms of accommodation.

As published and shared with the school community on the 17th Jan 2020 by the Department of Education, Griffeen CC will now stay on site in Kishoge CC, with the addition of temporary accommodation to meet the schools growing needs.

We have shared the Kishoge CC school building since September 2017 and this arrangement has had no impact on the quality of education provided to Griffeen CC students. The details of the arrangements are currently being worked out but the following has taken place since the announcement:

  • Griffeen CC and Kishoge CC management have met and agreed that the current arrangement whereby the 2 schools have different start, break and finish times and half days will continue next year. Relationships between the 2 schools are very positive and that spirit of co-operation will continue.
  • GCC management has met with the building team of our patron DDLETB. We have requested that the additional accommodation (5 classrooms) be in place for the start of the next academic year, and not later as earlier suggested. This was met favourably. Kishoge CC have echoed this request.
  • KCC has requested a number of alterations to some current rooms in their main school building to help accommodate GCC. This response was also met with favourably

GCC will take in 96 X 1st Year students and will have a school population of approx. 250 students in the next academic year. We will have 9 base classes. We will retain the 6 classrooms in Kishoge and have 5 additional rooms outside in the temporary accommodation.

A number of further questions have been received from the parent body and the BOM and DDLETB has acknowledged receipt of these and replied that they will furnish answers to these queries in the coming days. As details are agreed I will update you further.

Kind regards,


Rachel McGrath


Press Statement: Griffeen Community College


The various options to accommodate Griffeen Community College have been evaluated and the Department of Education has decided that the school will remain at its current location in Kishoge Community College which will be further enhanced with additional temporary accommodation for the school, to be delivered in late 2020. DDLETB believes that this solution will meet the needs of the school, the students and their parents/ guardians in the coming year and will support the Principal and teachers in continuing to provide an excellent education to the students of the school.

DDLETB have been actively engaging with the Department of Education in relation to accommodation requirements for Griffeen Community College. The original plan was to provide temporary accommodation at the Carline site in Lucan for delivery which the school would occupy until the permanent building is completed.

During recent discussions with the Department of Education, the costs for temporary accommodation were deemed by the Department of Education to be prohibitive in light of the of the decision to begin a Design & Build Project for the permanent Building for Griffeen Community College. The permanent building for Griffeen Community College will now be delivered by the Department of Education via the Design & Build method and will be delivered on a phased basis. This is a positive development as this will ensure that the building is delivered in a shorter timeframe than originally envisaged. DDLETB await a programme from the Department of Education for proposed delivery of this project.

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