Assessment for Learning techniques, strategies and teaching methodologies inform all aspects of our school from school policy to school and subject planning. In line with models of best practice Griffeen Community College adopts a Whole School Approach to Assessment for Learning.

Assessment for learning involves the teacher and student becoming aware of how learning can be improved, how technique can be better mastered, how knowledge and understanding can accord more closely with reason, logic, that which is already known; how the gap can be closed between where the student is and where the teacher, curriculum, school can help them to get. Assessment of learning tests what a student knows. The first is formative, the latter summative. The first informs, the latter sums up. The first is open and cumulative, the latter is closed and definitive.

“Assessment for Learning (AfL) means using evidence and dialogue to identify where pupils are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there.”

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