Board of Management

Board Of Management

The board of management (BOM) is responsible for the good governance of the school. The day-today running of the school is the responsibility of the principal and the Senior Management Team. The Board consists of nominees from Dublin and Dun Laoghaire ETB, Scoil Sinead, Teacher & parent nominees. The first BOM took up responsibility in Jan 2018. This first BOM consists of

  • Nominees from Dublin and Dun Laoghaire ETB,
  • Nominees from Scoil Sinead,
  • Teacher Nominees
  • Parent Reps

The current members of our Board of Management are:

Chairperson: Cllr Liona O’Toole

Secretary: Mr Noel Kelly

DDLETB Nominee: Cllr Paul Gogarty

DDLETB Nominee: Ms Joanna Tuffy

DDLETB Nominee: Mr Ken Farrell

Scoil Sinead Rep: Ms Sherene Powell

Scoil Sinead Rep: Ms Lora Wogu

Scoil Sinead Rep: Mr Andrew Gelling

Community Representative: Ms Lesley Berney

Parent Nominee: Mr Tom Jackson

Parent Nominee: Ms Fiona Aherne

Teacher Nominee: Mr Oisin Quigley

Teacher Nominee: Ms Charlotte Kinsella

Recording Secretary: Ms Edel Morrow

DDLETB CEO: Catriona Murphy - Observer

Agreed Reports


25th April_2024




14th Dec 2023

BOM_Agreed_Report _2023-2024

7th Sept 2023

BOM_Agreed_Report_2022- 2023

1st June 2023




23rd March 2023


22nd February 2023


15th_December 2022

BOM_Agreed Report_2022-2023

22nd September 2022


26th May 2022


28 April 2022


22nd March 2022


24th November 2022


23rd September 2022

BOM_Agreed_Report 2020-2021

22nd June 2022


13th May 2022


11th March 2022


14th January 2022


18th November 2022


21st October


24th September

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Agreed BOM report to staff and Parents 27th Feb 2020

** Additional meeting re accommodation

Agreed Report

Accommodation Update

An update re progress on accommodation will be furnished every month or as new information becomes available. This will be shared with the BOM and then the school community.

The tender is almost finalised for the contractor, it will be published within the next two weeks. Then DDLETB will apply for planning permission.

Notices will be published before end of March.

Current Waitlist for 2020/2021

Students on waitlist will be offered places as they become available as per Admission policy

2021/2022 Enrolment

129 applications were received before the deadline. 96 will be offered places as per Admission Policy and those on waitlist will be notified of their place on the waitlist

Offers will be made the week of the 9th March 2020

Dates for future BOM meetings 2020

12th March 2020

14th May 2020

18th June 2020

All meetings will commence at 5.30 pm.



6th Feb 2020

Date: Thursday 6th Feb 2020

Venue: Griffeen CC- 3rd Floor of Kishoge Community College

** Additional meeting to address accommodation concerns for GCC.

Agreed Report

Accommodation Update

· Queries from the BOM/ Parental/ Other Emails – contact will be collated and sent weekly to DDLETB Head Office for updates by the principal. These responses will be posted on the school website as updates are made available.

· A copy of the most recent questions (from week of 3rd Feb 2020 and from BOM) was forwarded on 7th Feb 2020 to DDLETB Head office – Corporate services.

· Answers to queries raised by the Parents Council/ emails from the school community – (were sent to Head office on the 30th Jan 2020. A response was issued from HO on the 3rd Feb 2020.) This information was shared with the BOM on 6th Feb 2020 and circulated to the school community via the school website on Fri 7th Feb. A text was sent to parents/guardians to notify them of this.

· The mins of this meeting and subsequent meetings on accommodation will be raised at ETB BOM level at their meeting’s every 3rd Monday. K Farrell will update the ETB if required.

· An additional budget request will be made to support the student experience – providing opportunities in Sept 2020 if there are delays and throughout the year, e.g. sports/ team building days.

· The BOM has scheduled an additional meeting on the 27th Feb 2020 to review accommodation updates and plans for the next academic year.

Permanent Build Update is still unchanged:

· Update sought from DDLETB re the acquisition of land for the permanent school building.

Dates for future BOM meetings 2020

**27th Feb 2020 – additional meeting for accommodation.

12th March 2020

14th May 2020

18th June 2020

All meetings will commence at 5.30 pm.

Agreed Report for staff and parents- 16th Jan 2020

Agreed Report for staff and parents- 21st Nov 2019

Agreed Report for staff and parents- 3rd Oct 2019

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