Business Studies

Business Studies

The teaching of Business Studies in Griffeen Community College allows students to foster an understanding of the Business world and appreciate the interaction between Business and Society. As stated in the Junior Cycle Business Studies Curriculum Specification ‘Young people are growing up in a globalized and dynamic world. New opportunities and challenges will emerge in their lifetimes that are virtually unimaginable today.

Business Studies classes aim to engage students in developing an understanding of the Business environment and developing their skills for work and life. A knowledge of Business Studies is proven to provide a grounding that will enhance job prospects in many aspects of future employment and the aim of this course is to introduce students to many of these fundamental core skills.

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Classes are based on a mixture of methodologies enhanced by the use of technology. To stay relevant in the global world Griffeen Community College uses iPads which will give students a head start for their future by staying relevant. Students will engage with technology which will allow them to conduct effective research, this puts the students a step up in the heavily competitive job sector. Since more companies are using technology to improve their services and productions. Effective research is core for students to help them prepare for CBA’s which occur in both second and third year of the Junior Cycle course in Business Studies.


Business Studies is a developing and current subject and advancements and current news issues will be brought into the subject to enhance students learning. There are 3 main sections covered in Business Studies course these are: 1. Our Economy, Personal Finance and Our Economy. Students will engage in these course sections in a non-linear approach.

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