COVID 19 Useful Links

Appendix 1: Scoilnet

Scoilnet is a resource to support schools, teachers, students and parents and can be accessed at the following link:

  1. Scoilnet Website – students and teachers can access over 20,000 resources shared by primary and post-primary teachers anytime, anywhere. Search materials by class/year group, subject, strand, and learning outcomes.

  1. World Book Online –all students in Ireland have open and free home access to World Book Online. World Book is a trusted encyclopedia containing thousands of informational articles with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, research help, and activities.

  1. Scoilnet Dedicated Subject Pages the Scoilnet team is working hard to bring teachers and students dedicated post-primary subject pages where they will find teacher-shared collections, collections by organisations, and what's in demand or popular on Scoilnet right now for their subject area.

Choose from: Maths,Science,Irish,English,History,Modern Foreign Languages,Geography,Politics and Society.

  1. Scoilnet Theme pages –primary school teachers and students can access subjectbased themed pages. Each theme page presents a set of links and resources on a particular topic.

  1. Scoilnet Learning Paths –a Learning Path is a feature on Scoilnet that enables teachers to select and organise resources from the Scoilnet site into a sequence or collection and quickly share it with their peers or pupils.

  1. Scoilnet Threads – assign an oral History project and watch as your students submit their projects online through the Threads online space.

  1. CensusAtSchool – get your Maths class to participate in the CensusAtSchool national online questionnaire. The class data is then collated and made available to class teachers, so that students can see the real-life relevance of statistics.

Appendix 2:

Information regarding the platforms/tools available to support distance learning

The PDST Digital Technology team has developed a new dedicated webpage of curated content to support schools and teachers engaged in distance learning in order to provide continuity to pupils/students.

Using some of the online platforms and/or tools that are detailed on this page, schools will be enabled to limit the impact of school closures by giving learners access to materials, support, classwork and feedback. There are a number of dedicated areas on the webpage (available at to support teachers in this task.

  • The Platform Section: This section explores the different online platforms that schools are currently using or may choose to use to connect with their pupils/ students as they continue their learning experience at home (for example, Microsoft Office, GSuite, etc.). The key features of each platform are outlined, as well as how these can be used for the purposes of distance learning.

  • The Reliable Sources of Information Section: Content in this section highlights reliable online repositories where teachers can access curriculum-related content to plan lessons and can share curated information with their pupils (e.g. Using Learning Paths in Scoilnet). Attention in this section is also drawn to websites that learners can access at home to engage in remote learning/ project-based work/ etc. Here resources such as World Book Online, DK Findout and Epic are featured.

  • The Online Tools Section: Within this section a number of digital tools are explored which teachers can use to support pupils/ students who are learning at home. Each tool featured in this section is described, linked to how it might be used in practical terms for distance learning and also includes links to associated resources/ video tutorials etc.

  • The Video Content Section: Here a number of video hosting sites are listed which teachers can use to source and share appropriate digital content with their pupils/ learners to explore topics and consolidate learning at home.

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