For 2018-2019 GCC will be housed in temporary accommodation on the 3rd Floor of Kishoge Community College. We are located on the 3rd Floor of this very modern and impressive building with access to classrooms, a staffroom and an office solely for use of GCC. In addition we have timetabled access to the following facilities thanks to management at Kishoge Community College

  • PE facilities- Multi Purpose Gym, Fitness Area, Basketball courts, atro pitches
  • Science room
  • Technology room

When we acquire our own building it will be a 1000-capacity building delivered under the Department of Education and Skills (DES) ‘rapid build’ programme. It will be a state-of-the-art school designed to the very latest D.E.S. specifications. It will have larger classrooms and a full suite of specialist rooms. Flexible learning spaces; bright, well-equipped classrooms; specialist rooms for practical subjects; science labs; and social spaces for students will be carefully planned so that the building is designed for optimal learning
Griffeen CC will integrate tablet technology into the curriculum and all students will use mobile devices, allowing the most up-to-date technologies to facilitate teaching and learning
26 2020
New Staff/PME Return - Provisional
Griffeen Community College,
c/o Kishoge Community College,
Ninth Lock Road,
Co Dublin

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