First Year 2022/23

First Year Parent Teacher Meeting

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Transition Book 2022-2023

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Online Presentation May Tuesday 24th 2022

We held an online event for the Parents and Guardians of our incoming first year students on Tuesday 24th May. A recording of the event can be seen below. A Pdf copy of the presentation is also available at here

iPad Purchase

  • Order your iPad from the Wriggle Store online at this link:

  • Use the Shop Code:


NOTE:*******iPads will be delivered to home address and not the school.


The Wriggle store is now open and will close on the 14th June. There will be a late fee of 50 Euro applied after this date.

Students will receive their device to their home through the post following purchase.

NOTE: Devices are not delivered to the school.

Parents are reminded that the sale and purchase of the iPad is managed by Wriggle, a company that is independent of the school.

All purchase, insurance and maintenance queries can be forwarded to Wriggle at:

How to Purchase my iPad Online

See instructions for iPad purchase below or click this link for 1st Year iPad Purchase Instructions


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For further access: click here


Learn with Pride and Progress with Confidence

Letter for First Year 2022/23

eBook Store:

Details of the eBook store will be sent to parents when it opens.

Voluntary Contributions and Fixed Charges:

The Voluntary Contributions and Fixed Cost fee to our College are a vital part of financing the activities which Griffeen Community College provides for your son/daughter each year. The Voluntary Contribution and Fixed Fee for 1st Year Students is €100.

Year Group

Voluntary Contribution

Fixed Cost Fee


First Year




*A Family discount applies to families with 2 or more children in the College where the maximum Voluntary contribution will be €75. However, the Fixed Fee is still €50 per child. This letter is to inform you that the Voluntary Contribution and Fixed Cost Fee that our College relies upon to deliver the educational experience that your son/daughter deserves are now due and should be paid on or before Friday 29th April. Payments must be made through the MIT system, which is detailed on the next page. On the MIT system there is a breakdown of the charges were parents and guardians can select what they wish to pay for. Please note: Griffeen Community College does not accept cash. A copy of the Voluntary and Fix Charge Policy is available on our website.

If you would like to contact the College in confidence regarding the above, please do so on (01) 621 2392.

Yours sincerely


Noel Kelly


MIT Online Payment System: Instructions and Setup

Dear Parent/Guardian,

At Griffeen Community College we use the MIT Online Payment System. This enables parents /guardians to pay voluntary contributions and other school fees through our secure online system by Credit or Debit card, keep track of payments made and print off a receipt.

To set up your online payment account:

  1. Click on the Online Payments link we now have an MIT button on the top right corner of our website homepage (
  2. Select the Create Account
  3. Enter your child’s First Name, Surname and PPS number
  4. Press
  5. Confirm if your address and contact details are correct and enter an email address for further communication (this email address will beyour USERNAME). You must also Create and Confirm a password. Keep a secure record of these as you will use them to login on future occasions.
  6. Note that you can edit your child’s personal and contact details on the system. If you notice an error in your details, click on the edit button and update once corrections have been made. Please tick the box confirming your details are now correct and click the Confirm button.
  7. You will see at least two tabs in the payment screen depending on how many children you have attending Griffeen Community College. Choose the Family tab if you wish to pay a number of fees or choose your Child’s Name if you wish to make a payment against that individual.
  8. Choose the amount you wish to pay from the payment dropdown and click the Next
  9. Enter your Credit Card details as instructed on the screen and click on the Next
  10. You can print and/or save your receipt.

If you cannot use the online system, please phone us for assistance. Please support our efforts to reduce the amount of cash and cheques we deal with in the school office and to make our payment system more efficient. Tel Griffeen CC Lucan on 01 6212392

Thank you for your contribution.

Griffeen Community College

Griffeen Community College,
c/o Kishoge Community College,
Ninth Lock Road,
Co Dublin

01 621 2392

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