In Griffeen Community College History plays an integral part of our school curriculum. In an increasingly changing world History allows students the opportunity to:
  • Study the people and events of the past from a wide variety of perspectives, including political, administrative, social, economic, cultural, religious and scientific.
  • Learn about the experiences of ordinary people as well as the powerful and influential.
  • Learn more about the experiences of women in history.
  • Work independently on the research study, which will allow them to research a subject of their choice that is of historical significance. This will allow students to engage in self-directed learning and develop their critical skills.
  • Develop skills of history, which are transferable to other subjects and to careers, e.g. researching, note-making, communication, analysis, discursive writing.
  • Develop the skill to distinguish between fact and fiction.
  • Debate topical areas of history
  • Discover and make links between signifiant events in Irish and World history.


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