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As of September 2017, Irish is part of the New Junior Cycle which Griffeen Community College fully embraces. It is the aim of Roinn na Gaeilge to create a learning space where the language is a living thing. Students are afforded the opportunity to speak, listen, read, write and interact through the medium of Irish in the classroom. Roinn na Gaeilge sees digital learning as an integral part of this learning experience and classes are planned with this in mind. Digital and oral presentations are a regular feature and learners are encouraged to develop their ICT skills through this process. Roinn na Gaeilge is an advocator of teaching through Assessment For Learning(AFL) where a well-scaffolded class allows the learner to have a more independent role in their learning.

The New Junior Cycle sees learners being assessed on Classroom-based Assessments(CBAs) in conjuntion with a written examination at the end of third year. While written class tests are a regular occurance, first years submit project work throughout the year- a portion of which accounts for formal in-house assessment.

"Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí".

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21 2018
Final Day of Term
Here is a video made by our own students.
GCC is delighted to have such enthusiastic and eager students who have already been involved in the wide range extra-curricular activities on offer. Parents/Guardians please not any change in times. Here is a full schedule:
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