The new Junior Cycle Science promotes the idea of active and collaborative learning along with the development of important life skills and higher order thinking through active inquiry.

The new curriculum incorporates one unifying strand, the Nature of Science, and four contextual strands: Physical world, Chemical world, Biological world, and Earth and Space.

The concept behind the new course is to nurture and develop students’ inquisitive nature not only through practical investigations but also through key skills such as creativity, communication and managing information.

Students in Griffeen Community College have already engaged with Science through a wide range of stimulating activities. From delivering a lesson to a local primary school on ‘satellites’ during Space week to studying the anatomy of the breathing system through a lung dissection, students have delved into the scientific world around them with great awe and enthusiasm!

Investigating the anatomy of the lungs

Investigating the anatomy of the lungs.

Students creating a density tower with different liquids and solids.

Lana Salmon from the UCD Space Science Group who are involved with the development of the first ever Irish satellite that will be launched into space called Eirsat-1.

Students during Space week examining the scale model of the earth and moon using predicting, estimating and measuring.

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For more information regarding science within the new Junior Cycle please click here.

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