Subjects for 1st Year Study at GCC

Subjects for 1stYear study at GCC

For our 1styears here at Griffeen Community College we aim to give all students great breadth and choice in relation to the subjects they study. The new Framework for Junior Cycle (2015) puts student choice, voice and flexibility at its core - and we are aspiring to being faithful to this vision.

The subjects studied in our school are divided into those that are Required (by the Department of Education and Skills) called Core and Optional (allowing for student choice).


Students will continue to study the required subjects of Irish*, English and Mathematics& Spanish as their Modern Foreign language. (*except students with an exemption)


Students will also study our core subjects, which are Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE), Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE), PE , Religion (non exam) and our daily tutorial time - called Check and Connect - constitute the subjects which fall under the umbrella of Wellbeing.

OPTIONAL SUBJECTS: Students will study 4 of the subjects listed below after the taster menu has run.

Over the next few days, the team here at GCC hope to collect data that will help us develop a curriculum based on student feedback. We hope conversations will happen at home and that students use the time allocated to the taster menu (whereby they will sample all during a 12- week period) to further inform their choices. It is important to note that for University matriculation purposes (after Leaving Certificate), choosing not to study Science may have implications for third level progression. More information on this is available by clicking here.

Initial Subject preferences will be made at home by you and your son/daughter, through the survey here

Students are asked to rank 7 of the 8subjects from the optional subjects. Please note as a small school we may not be able to offer a subject if a very small number of students select to study it for Junior Cycle. Please also note for some practical subjects there are max numbers which means there will be limited numbers in those subjects. In this case a lottery may take place.

Subject preference may be made by clicking herefrom now until close of business on Thursday 23rdMay.

Best wishes,

Rachel, Fiona and the team.

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