Visual Art

Visual Art

Here are some fabulous examples of zentangle designs that students have sent in for Wellbeing Week. Keep them coming!

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 13.44.54.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 16.44.52.png


In Visual Art you will have the opportunity to create images and objects using a variety of tools, materials and special equipment. Art, Craft & Design is a practical subject where students learn by actively doing and creating. Students develop skills in creativity, imagination and self-expression.

What will I learn about in Visual Art?

In Art, Craft & Design, you will:

* Investigate by looking and recording your observations

* Learn a variety of new crafts

* Learn to work in 3-D e.g. construction, sculpture or clay work

* Learn about the design process and how it is used to create new design objects and images

* Learn to make links between your artwork and that of other artists, craft workers, architects and designers form different countries and historical periods


How will Visual Art be useful to me?


Visual Art can be useful to you in many ways:

* It allows you to express yourself creatively.

* Put emphasis on the value of content, which helps students understand “quality” as a key value.

* Build problem-solving skills.

As well as the benefits previously mentioned there are many career opportunities in Visual Art in areas such as Photography, Illustration, Animation, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Education and Architecture.

First Year Art

Our first years have been introduced to observational drawing, Portraiture, Still Life and the art elements. Here are just some examples of their wonderful artwork and sketchbooks. They have been introduction to art history through Paul Cezanne and contemporary artists through the work of Chuck Close and Julian Opie.




Second Year Art

Second year Art students have been learning about painterly techniques, how to mix colours, add texture and blend tones when painting. They have also learnt about artists that explore the theme nature. They used their ipads to take pictures of flowers and created their own pastels and pencil studies. Currently they’re working on their CBA projects where they have designed sculptures under the theme home. Here are just some of the fabulous work they have created this year.



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