Home Economics

Third Year Home Economics

Our very dedicated third year students arrived bright and early at 8 am to complete their practice run for their Junior Cycle CBA 2 on Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th December.


Vlad and Philip busy in the kitchen preparing Chicken Pilaf and homemade burgers

Some of the yummy dishes on offer!



Micah making a healthy balanced lasagne and Chloe getting her main course under way.


Sam tempted us all with a creamy carbonara with wholemeal spaghetti, while Nathan got a very colourful array of vegetables chopped for his main meal.


Elena prepping her starter vegetables for a wholesome soup to be followed up by healthy pancakes with fresh fruit.


Tristan made an absolutely delish tomato based soup with roasted peppers and veg, followed up with gluten free brownies for desert, all to suit a coeliac diet.

Second Year Home Economics

Second year students were focusing on nutritional value of vegetables this month.

They brought a little bit of Mexico to school with Chicken Fajitas on the menu, loaded with lots of yummy vegetables.

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Home Ec 5 .jpg

First Year Home Economics

During our first-year taster students were introduced to kitchen hygiene and had the chance to taste and evaluate French toast. After the taster students created phone cases, here they presented a target market for their case and used their new sewing skills. Most recently they have been learning about baking and have made some delicious chocolate muffins.

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 17.49.47.png

Second Year Home Economics

Our second year Home Economics group have been busy developing their skills in theory, sewing and cooking. They’ve created delicious dishes from bruschetta to chicken curry a delightful fruit salad and our favourite Italian carbonara. On top of this they have been developing their skills in sewing with pin cushions and have taken part in their CBA where they are upcycling old cushions with their own designs.

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 17.48.17.png

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