RACE Accommodations

Reasonable Accommodations at State Examinations

The purpose of RACE is to try and remove some of the barriers to accessing State Examination in Ireland.

  • The four main grounds for which accommodations will be considered are:
  • Learning Difficulty
  • Hearing Difficulty
  • Visual Difficulty
  • Physical Difficulty

The accommodations that can be received are:

  • A Spelling and Grammar Waiver, (spelling errors will not marked)
  • a shared Reader, (reads the text to the student)
  • use of a Laptop, (if handwriting is difficult to produce)
  • use of a Native Language dictionary, (for EAL students)
  • a shared Special Centre (physical/medical need)
  • Visual or Hearing Support

How do I apply?

  • The school will run testing in the various areas over the next few weeks. If a student meets the criteria an application form is filled out, with the relevant data, and parents/guardians will sign the application form.
  • Application will then be made to the State Examination Commission by the school
  • Correspondence sent to the school is shared with the student, parent/guardian and the Exam Secretary.


Please contact info@griffeencc.ie

Griffeen Community College,
c/o Kishoge Community College,
Ninth Lock Road,
Co Dublin

01 621 2392

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